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The Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne That Ensures Your Safety


Paul's Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Brodie Coppleson

Last time I did the gutter cleaning by myself I almost fell down the ladder. This time, as you...
Paul's Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Tristan Luke

I own a small grocery store and the gutters were in a very bad shape. There were leaks and peeled paint, it was a bit more...
Paul's Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Lucy Hemmant

I was very happy with the technicians that came and cleaned the gutters, because I have a very busy schedule and no time to...
Paul's Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Tyler Booth

 I`m glad I didn't try to clean the gutters by myself, definitely would have taken me the whole...
Paul's Gutter Cleaning Melbourne
Grace Lording

We have a small rainwater tank in our back yard that needs a constant maintenance to work properly. As a single mom, I need...
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We at Paul’s Gutter Cleaning Melbourne are dedicated to providing you with a reliable, top-of-the range service at a competitive rate. By entrusting the expert gutter cleaners with taking care of this essential part of your house’s drainage system, you can be certain that:

  • Your gutters will be cleaned promptly, using a dedicated gutter cleaning equipment
  • You’ll save a ton of money, avoiding costly gutter and roof repairs
  • The job will be done without any risk for you, your family, or our technicians
  • The exterior of your house will remain intact, because we don’t need a scaffold
  • Your property will be protected from mould and water damages
  • You’ll be safe from termite, mosquito, and cockroach infestations

Hurry up and contact Paul’s Gutter Cleaning Melbourne right away. We’ll customise the service you need and make sure to protect your family and your home.

How Our Gutter Cleaners Work

Paul’s capable gutter cleaners provide you with a simple enough, but quite necessary service, consisting of several important steps. First of all, the gutter cleaning experts will sweep down any debris from the roof with a blower. Then, using safety harnesses and ropes, our experts will climb up there and collect all heavier debris in a bucket, clearing blockages from the downpipes. Lastly, the gutter cleaners will wash the gutters with a garden hose and collect all dirt and debris, fallen from the roof in the process of clearing your gutters. Plus, while on your roof, we can check for some issues and advise you on how to best handle the situation.

Get the Extra Gutter Maintenance You Need

And now you can make the maintenance of your property even easier for you and book another one of the additional services we offer you. The broad spectrum includes:

Get hold of the customer advisors right now. The phone and chat support lines are opened 24/7 so you can get all the information you need at any time. And when you contact us, ask about all the special deals and discounts we offer & get your free pricing.

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